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What is candle science?

Go...right now...look at a candle you have in your house. It may be new and unlit. It may be almost empty because it's your favorite scent and you've burned it so many times that the wax is almost gone but you're holding on to just the thinnest layer of wax hoping you can light it one more time. For us candle lovers, we've all been there. Before actually making a successful candle, I never knew the actual science behind them, and I can honestly say now that I have learned so much about them....I appreciate them even more.

The science behind candle-making can be frustrating but so interesting and extremely satisfying when you perfect the recipe. I honestly never thought I'd use chemistry, physics and mathematics as much as I have in the past few months! I'm sure my high school teacher, Mr. Roberts, would be laughing it up knowing I finally had a use for these complicated equations.

Zach and I continuously perfect our techniques in candle-making as well as working with concrete, which is a whole other story! There are many variables that can throw off a perfect formula. Just know that we are committed to creating the best quality in our products as well as our mission to share with you all.

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Zach and Tammy

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