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About Us

Meet the Makers!

We, Zach and Tammy, founded Silver Oak Candles with a vision in mind - a passion for creating beautiful, creative products that everyone would love to have in their home or office. We've always loved candles and regularly bought them from the big box stores. After looking into how candles are made and the importance of clean-burning waxes and fragrance oils, we started our research into creating our own! There's definitely a science behind perfecting a formula to make a successful candle and we've both really enjoyed researching, testing and perfecting our formula to share with all of you.

Concrete vessels and decor became another interesting facet to our mission which was to share our most unique and creative products with everyone who was interested. Our concrete vessels and trays are all unique - no two are the same! 

We're so excited to offer quality products at a reasonable price so everyone can enjoy our handcrafted creations.


Zach and Tammy

Meet the makers